I’m a photographer, artist, traveler, story teller, museum worker, vipassana meditator, anthropology student, archaeology enthusiast, yoga practitioner and teacher, earth lover, animal whisperer, human connection seeker, surfer.

My journey in photography began when I was a small child admiring my dad's old Pentax MX camera. That camera and it's iridescent lens fascinated me to the point where I eventually took photography classes, and became a yearbook photographer in high school.  After high school I felt deeply that I wanted to learn about different cultures, and how people express themselves around our magnificent planet. After doing some traveling, and studying Anthropology in University, being a natural born artist, I found my way in to a very technical based photography school where I was able to give myself a better scientific understanding of light, it's astonishing properties, and how to manipulate and capture it as art.

With the completion of internships in New York and Vancouver, I was able to learn how to apply my newly learned knowledge, and almost immediately after graduation I started working at the UBC Museum of Anthropology. I've spent the past 6 years of my life handling and photographing ethnographic and archaeological objects from every corner of this amazing planet, and I've spent more time than that traveling and exploring, with passionate curiosity, lives that look a lot different than my own. My experiences with my work and my travels have given me insight into this beautiful, interwoven human story that I feel so deeply, it is written in my bones. This is an attempt at sharing, through images and words, my musings and insights. 

Upcoming & Current Exhibits:


Select Past Exhibits:

Select Images from Holi: A Festival of Color: Images on display at Dharma Movement Company 1083 Cambie Street Vancouver, BC May 2016

Holi: A Festival Of Color: Exhibit at The Charles Clark Gallery 1345 Clark Drive Vancouver, BC March 2016

Langara Creative Arts Alumni Show: Exhibit in the front entrance of Langara 100 West 49th Avenue Vancouver, BC March 23 - 30 2015

Holi: The Festival of Color: Exhibit at The Havana Art Gallery 1212 Commercial Drive Vancouver, BC March 5 - 18  2015

Langara Photography Alumni Show: 100 West 49th Avenue Vancouver, BC May 5 - 26 2014



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